Rav Deutsch & Rav Wosner join Vaad Harabbonim of Montreal - JCC Montreal
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26 May Rav Deutsch & Rav Wosner join Vaad Harabbonim of Montreal

An exciting event recently took place at the offices of the JCC where two new Rabbis were inducted into the Vaad Harabbonim, the JCC’s RabbinicalCouncil.

Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Wosner, the son of the well-known Skverer Dayan, (judge in Montreal) Rav Yochanan Wosner, is known for his approach to assisting every member of the community, solving problems and showing much warmth to every individual. Having witnessed firsthand and having received experience at home, he’s a perfect match for the Vaad Harabbonim and will no doubt add much to the growing needs of the wider community.

Rabbi Uri Deutsch, who learned in Yeshivas Kol Torah Israel, and who has fast become a household name with his many Shiurim that he gives across the entire city, was also inducted and has already commenced work together with the other Rabbonim, in many different spheres. The needs of the Montreal community have grown over the past few years.

During the induction, Dayan Wosner, praised his son, mentioning that he worked and served for over 20 years with the Vaad Harabbonim and it is extremely important to have a fresh new group of Rabbis joining. He added that the services of the Vaad Harabbonim and all its activities are pivotal to the successful of Yiddishkeit and true Torah Judaism in Montreal.

Rabbi Weiss, the Av Beth Din and Chief Rabbi of Montreal, praised all those involved in gaining and bringing in these 2 new young faces. RabbiWeiss added that with the work load, there was indeed a strong lead for further assistance on the  Vaad Harabbonim and that he had no doubt that both Rabbi Deutsch and Rabbi Wosner would be an extremely good fit and will service the Montreal community, greatly.

The crowd was then treated to a short and welcoming note by Rabbi Deustch and Rabbi Wosner and all present wished each other Mazel Tov on this great achievement.